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Tooth Whitening (Zoom- in surgery)

Zoom ® Teeth Whitening at Howell Hill
Why Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening or tooth whitening is a process of using a bleaching agent to make your teeth appear whiter in appearance. Many people develop more confidence with a whiter smile and will often be the starting point of improving your smile.

Dr Huseyin has many teeth whitening methods available including Zoom2!®, a one-hour in-surgery bleaching treatment which involves using a higher strength bleach* under supervision. The Zoom2!® system is the most popular in-surgery teeth whitening procedure, proven to be effective and safe.

Following In surgery teeth whitening we recommend a professional home teeth whitening kit to continue with your whitening program at home and maintain the effect.

Zoom2!® is only one of the teeth whitening methods available at Dr. Huseyin’s cosmetic dentistry practice. He also offers home bleaching, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental bonding or porcelain veneers. You can schedule a free consultation to learn more about Zoom2!® and other teeth whitening procedures so you can have the bright smile you’ve always wanted.